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Programming on Khan Academy

1. How to draw a rectangle
2. Try drawing a letter H


Drawing by Numbers and Rock Paper Scissors

Today’s lesson.

Drawing by numbers

Hand-out here

On Scratch here:

Rock Paper Scissors

Hand-out here

On Scratch here:

Ninja Escape – Featured Project

Click here to play Ninja Escape by Ronan T.

How to Play:

  • Click the Green Flag to start.
  • Stay clear of the ninja stars!
  • Player 1 – Use your arrow keys and move away from the ninja stars.
  • Player 2 – Use the keys ASWD to move like the P1.

Ninja Escape

Scratch Tutorial 11 – Rock Paper Scissors

Click here for Scratch Tutorial 10: Rock Paper Scissors

This is the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors, build in Scratch.

Programming concepts include:

  • variables
  • broadcast (call)
  • switching costumes
  • hide / show
  • receive broadcast (call)
  • random
  • conditionals (“if equals”)
  • mathematical operations
  • Boolean (‘not’)
  • nested ‘if’ statements

Scratch Tutorial 2 – Say It and Dance

Click here for Scratch Tutorial 1: Say It and Dance

Learn about:

  • animation: switching costumes
  • wait
  • say: string (of characters)
  • conditionals: when
  • loops: forever
  • colour effects

Scratch Tutorial 10 – Shooting Asteroids Game

Click here for Scratch Tutorial 10: Shooting Asteroids Game

Learn how to build a ‘shooting’ game.

There’re a few actors (Sprites) in this game: a rocket, the Earth, a laser … and asteroids.

Programming concepts include:

  • sequences
  • variables
  • conditionals
  • loops (forever, repeat until)
  • random values

Scratch Tutorial 1 – The First Project in Scrach

Click here for Scratch Tutorial 1: The First Project in Scrach

Learn about:

  • Motion
  • Animation
  • Sound